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December 14 2014

Everything I know I learned from the Rocky Horror Picture Show


1. Gay is okay. image

2. Straight is okay. image

3. Crazy is awesome. image

4. Transvestites are fine. image

5. Rock ‘n roll is fantastic. image

6. How to do the time warp. image

7.Balding men can be cool. image

8. Wheelchair-bound doesn’t make you anything less than you are. image

9.Feeling sexy is nothing to be ashamed of. image

10.Dress to express. image

11. Don’t dream it, be it. image

November 09 2014

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August 13 2014

April 10 2014

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April 01 2014

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December 16 2013

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October 08 2013

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October 05 2013

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July 26 2013

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